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BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
BEVBlacksburg Electronic Village
BEVBundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (Austria)
BEVBell ExpressVu (Canada)
BEVBird's Eye View
BEVBlack English Vernacular
BEVBeam's Eye View (radiation therapy imaging technique)
BEVBillion Electron Volts
BEVBase-Emitter Voltage (transistor)
BEVBusiness Enterprise Value
BEVBacterial Endotoxins Test
BEVBoot Entry Vector
BEVBio-Electronique Vincent (French: Bio-Electronic Vincent; internal environment analysis)
BEVBeersheba, Israel - Domestic Airport (airport code)
BEVBordeaux Evasion Voyages (French: Bordeaux Escape Travel; travel agency; France)
BEVBureau d'Etudes Techniques Véra (French: Vera Office of Technical Studies; engineering firm)
BEVBlack Entertainment Video (French video sharing website)
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In Bell ExpressVu, the Court reaffirmed its allegiance to the Modern Principle as requiring a robust consideration of contextual matters in all cases.
Second, the absence of explicit SCC discussion of freedom of expression in the context of the SCC's post-2002 copyright jurisprudence can be explained, in part, by the SCC's conclusion in Bell ExpressVu Limited Partnership v R that courts should only use Charter values as tools through which to interpret statutory provisions in limited circumstances.
(4) Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, Local 580 v Dolphin Delivery Ltd, [1986] 2 SCR 573, 33 DLR (4th) 174; R v Swain, 63 CCC (3rd) 481, [1991] 1 SCR 933; Bell ExpressVu Limited Partnership v Rex, 2002 SCC 42, [2002] 2 SCR 559 [Bell ExpressVu]; Mark S Harding & Rainer Knopff "Charter Values' vs Charter Dialogue" (2013) 31 NJCL 161.
Bell ExpressVu is now Bell TV, Bell Sympatico is now Bell Internet, and Bell Residential phone service is now Bell Home Phone.
Though we are already accessible through Bell ExpressVu, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron, we must still keep up the pressure with companies like Star Choice, Shaw Cable, Eastlink and all the smaller companies to carry us.
The program imports sub-contracted jobs from Bell ExpressVu into Lefebvre's website.
Many expect the enigmatic company to be Bell ExpressVu, which is owned by BCE, the majority owner of Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail.
Satellite service provider Bell ExpressVu director of communications Ron MacInnes reckons cablers' digital gains are at the cost of their analog service as customers switch, and he points out that the battleground is turning to urban Canada.
Bell ExpressVu is a company that distributes direct to home (DTH) television programming and encrypts its signals to control reception.
Bell ExpressVu Limited Partnership (Bell) distributes direct-to-home (DTH) television programming under government license and encodes its Canadian satellite signals to limit those able to get them.
(30) The Court's pronouncement in Bell ExpressVu implies that the fundamental values of the Canadian legal system, many of which are enshrined in our entrenched constitutional law, are not front and centre when the executive branch develops a legislative proposal, nor when the legislative branch enacts it, and they should not be front and centre when the judicial branch interprets it.