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Prestressed concrete lined-cylinder pipe is constructed with steel bell and spigot joint rings welded to opposite ends of a steel cylinder, which is hydrostatically tested and lined on the inside with a concrete core.
The new products are for repairing cast iron bell and spigot joints and steel mechanical couplings.
A natural gas transmission pipeline owner recently concluded the inline inspection of a line in Contra Costa and Alameda counties, CA that had been constructed in 1944 and contained many appurtenances--miter bends, chill rings and bell and spigot joints. This article discusses the methods used and lessons learned throughout a three-year effort to upgrade, traverse and inspect this pipeline with an inline inspection tool.
One of the fixtures the line contained was bell and spigot joints. This fixture is made with a cuplike flare at one end (the bell) and plain at the other end (the spigot).
For pipe diameters of 16 inches and less, there are bell and spigot joints that use one rubber gasket.