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where k is the torsion stiffness of the bar, [theta] is the relative angular displacement between bell crank and chassis and [[theta].
This discovery explained the shifting of the engine, as well as the issue we had been having with the FIT rubbing on the bell crank.
So, before you lube the steering linkage bell crank assembly quarterly with GAA, carefully wipe off any corrosion you find with a rag.
Inspection revealed the rod end under the pilot's floor connecting the retract rod to the bell crank separated, causing the nose gear to become disconnected from the landing gear transmission.
This bulkhead is the attach structure for the right wing's lower attach angle for the inboard flap drive bell crank.
Tenders are invited for bell crank for centre brake rigging .
Examination of the airplane revealed that "the elevator down cable was improperly routed at the pulley in the vertical stab, just below the elevator bell crank.
Tenders are invited for For repairing of leaf spring, bell crank, etc of hyva coal tipper at aws undeer sijua area.