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BSLDBellSouth Long Distance
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BSLDBay Springs Long Distance (Bay Springs, MS)
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BellSouth Long Distance studies frequently-called countries for its nine-state territory.
Eligible customers include new BellSouth Long Distance subscribers and existing subscribers who add one of the international plans.
"BellSouth strives to look for new and innovative ways to aid small businesses and these great rates provide options for better management of international calling," said Rex Adams, president - BellSouth Long Distance. "Most businesses today sell around the world and BellSouth provides what these customers need."
The company has more than 3.4 million customers region-wide who have BellSouth Long Distance service, based on results at the end of the third quarter.
"Since Canada is one of the most popular international calling areas of BellSouth Long Distance customers, including the most called country from Tennessee and the second most called country from Florida, the plan was a natural to develop and offer cost savings to our customers," said Adams.
"Customers want simple, easy-to-understand and unrestricted calling plans that offer real savings on international calling," said Rex Adams, president of BellSouth Long Distance Services.
When making calls away from home, all BellSouth Long Distance customers can request a BellSouth Global Calling Card and the card will be mailed and set up on their account at no cost.
The university also utilizes BellSouth Long Distance service, benefiting from the efficiency and convenience of having one provider for local and long distance.
The first of BellSouth's new offerings, BellSouth Long Distance Voice VPN is a virtual private network application that provides businesses with reduced costs, call control and abbreviated dialing between disparate offices.
Offering businesses a convenient alternative to managing the costs of long distance calling, the BellSouth Long Distance Calling Card for businesses is a long distance travel service that allows users to place calls from virtually any phone in the U.S.
As a long-time provider of multiple services on one bill, BellSouth recently launched BellSouth Answers, a multi-product strategy that combines on one bill the popular BellSouth Complete Choice local calling plan with BellSouth Long Distance, data and wireless services.
Business customers with locations across BellSouth's nine Southeastern states and outside the territory are offered the convenience of consolidating all of their long distance business with one provider - BellSouth Long Distance. BellSouth offers multiple calling options at competitive rates and comprehensive data capabilities.