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A further adjustment in the use of the below market interest rate is required if one wishes to account for the normal growth in real earnings or productivity over time.
"The portfolio benefits from the existing interest-only financing, which has below market interest rates." The portfolio is 94% leased and is located along the Northeast Amtrak corridor in metropolitan New York and Philadelphia.
IMF loans are typically issued at well below market interest rates, at attractive terms of payment, and are thus a powerful inducement for fiscally irresponsible regimes to go on the international dole.
During the first project year, Atlantis, through a separate nonprofit corporation, purchased and renovated the first of three housing projects - a 34-unit apartment building with 8 accessible units - using a creative financing package that included funding from local government sources at below market interest rates, grants, tax credits, and Community Reinvestment Act funds.
Creating affordable housing opportunities for North Carolinians whose needs are not met by the market, the FirstHome Mortgage Loan is a 3O-year, fixed-rate mortgage at below market interest rates.
And lower risk makes for below market interest rates.
Examiners also stated that, during 1996, SIS Bank made 38 mortgage loans, totaling more than $2.7 million, under a program sponsored by the MHFA to assist first-time home buyers that includes a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at below market interest rates with low down payment requirements and flexible underwriting guidelines.
Through the Hudson Country Improvement Authority, the fund has allowed municipal governments or qualified profit or non-profit corporations to borrow funds at about two points below market interest rates by using proceeds from tax-exempt bonds.