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BPLBelow Poverty Line
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BPLBroadband over Power Lines
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Nearly 19 percent of Lane County residents have incomes below poverty level, and the county's median household income is $42,628.
* Food Security Bill will cost the exchequer Rs1.25 trillion per year, up from Rs900 billion the government spends on food subsidy under Antodaya Yojna and BPL (below poverty level) card holders.
Since many such caregivers are single parents of small children and more likely to be at or below poverty level, entrepreneurship is a path out of that poverty.
Dr Moez El Shohdi, the co-founder & CEO of the Regional Egyptian Food Bank said,"This year's feeding program is the first initiative of its kind in the region to support needy families during Ramadan.With the success of that partnership, we have now launched 'Village Free from Hunger' program that will continue to feed those below poverty level."
Obama Administration Working to Close Racial, Ethnic Gap on Asthma: asthma disproportionately affects minority children, children living below poverty level [press release].
We are facing the highest ever inflation and the rising cost of living has thrown millions more to below poverty level. The present government has borrowed more-both from external and domestic sources-during the last four years (about Rs5.8 trillion ) than all the governments combined during the earlier sixty years (about Rs5.4 trillion ).
The local schools report that 39 percent of the teens are Hispanic/Latino, 17.9 percent speak a language other than English at home, 9.2 percent of families are below poverty level, and 12.4 percent of individuals are below poverty level.
My school is 85 percent Hispanic, and roughly that percentage are living at or below poverty level. Although many of them won't admit it, they're coming from households that have little technology, and often their parents aren't able to show them how to use what they do have in a constructive way.
Once determined, the rate of calls by zip code was compiled into tabular format and compared to US Census data from those same zip codes for the following socioeconomic elements: percent of population below poverty level and percent of population above sixty-five years (Table 1 online).
The variables that do not show up as statistically significant in any of the pairwise or correlation regression analyses include the percentage of males, percentage of married males, percentage of African Americans, percentage of individuals below poverty level, unemployment rate, city age, median age, median income, and per capita income.
People and Families in Poverty by Selected Characteristics, 2006 Below Poverty Level in 2006 People 12.3% Families 9.8% By Race and Hispanic Origin By Type of Family White 10.3 Married-couple 4.9 Black 24.3 Female householder, 28.3 no husband present Hispanic origin 20.6 Male householder, 13.2 (any race) no wife present By Age Under 18 years 17.4 18 to 64 years 10.8 65 years and older 9.4 By Region Northeast 11.5 Midwest 11.2 South 13.8 West 11.6 Source: Carmen DeNavas-Walt, Bernadette D.
In a city where only 16.6% of families and 19.6% individuals live below poverty level, over 85% of public school students come from low-income families.