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The bend radius is critical to the flex circuitry, especially as the flex may have a static or a dynamic bend.
Oil- and UV -resistant cable delivers a minimum bend radius of 15 x cable diameter
Details provided with each hose type listed here include the interior diameter, outside diameter, maximum working pressure, weight per pound and the minimum bend radius.
Bend restrictors are designed to ensure the manufacturer's recommended minimum bend radius is not infringed during the life of the project.
Right RF angle adapters are commonly used in tight mechanical spaces where the bend radius of a coaxial cable would be exceeded.
The new lances reduce stress on the inlet connection by eliminating the bend radius in the hose that supplies high-pressure water.
Bend radius Cabling standards outline appropriate bend radius for each cable.
Standard copper twin axial cable is another option, but assembly costs can be high due to the large number of individual wires, the large bend radius of a high-channel count cable can present an additional mechanical obstacle, and the bulk can impede airflow.
Slimflex patch cords feature a bend radius of only 7.
It is flexible, with a small bend radius, and installs easily on barbed fittings, according to the company.
Cicoil's proprietary silicone cable is more flexible than round PVC or stiffer flat PTFE cables, which allows for a tighter bend radius, weight/space savings, greater current carrying capacity, noise reduction and longer flex life.
Enter the bend radius, tube diameter, and wall thickness in metric or English units.