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are factored in, the benefit/cost ratio for ramp metering is 5:1.
scarcity, trade-off, markets, international cooperation), economic data, and economic analysis (decision-making, benefit/cost analysis) to develop an understanding of historical and contemporary issues.
decision-making, supply and demand, benefit/cost analysis) to a world economy.
Initially, many people predicted that the earnings, and therefore the benefit/cost ratio of placing people into supported employment would be far greater than if they were in an alternative placement (Conley, 1973).
After yearly benefits and costs had been aggregated from each perspective, net benefits and benefit/cost ratios were calculated.
The study, titled "SF-36 Physical Component Scale (PCS) benefit/cost ratio of lumbar fusion: comparison to other surgical interventions," looked at data involving more than 1,800 patients from 11 multi-center studies.