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Under this umbrella, Lucy Colangione will spearhead support to the VBA specifically for the Benefits Delivery Network.
The Benefits Delivery Network provides interface to the Veterans Benefits Administration's other benefits delivery systems such as the VBA Office of Information Management.
Establishing a thorough requirements baseline for the interfaces into and out of the Benefits Delivery Network application suite resident on the mainframe, as well as the applications and processes (jobs/batches) running in support of the BDN application suite.
Documenting the functionality, configuration and external communications related to the Benefits Delivery Network application to include interfaces and module relationships.
Documenting the various applications/ batch processes of the Benefits Delivery Network application suite.
Categories: Veterans Affairs, Data collection, Data integrity, Disability benefits, Internal controls, Program evaluation, Program management, Veterans, Veterans benefits, Veterans disability compensation, VA Benefits Delivery Network System, Veterans Service Network
We also found that data contained in VA's Benefits Delivery Network system, which was designed for the purpose of paying benefits, do not provide a reliable basis for identifying indications of possible decision-making inconsistencies among regional offices.
The Veterans Benefits Administration is still far from launching a modernized system to replace its aging benefits delivery network.
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