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BFHDBenton-Franklin Health District (Washington)
BFHDBig Fat Hairy Deal
BFHDBeukes Familial Hip Dysplasia
BFHDBlack Family History Day (Atlanta, GA)
BFHDBattlefield: High Definition (gaming modification)
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Amy Person, MD, Benton-Franklin Health District; Chris Spitters, MD, Yakima Health District; Glen Patrick, MPH, Cathy Wasserman, PhD, Patrick Vander Kelen, PhD, Juliet VanEenwyk, PhD, Washington State Dept of Health.
Reported by: L Jecha, MD, Benton-Franklin Health District; R Alexander, MD, Seattle-King County Dept of Public Health; C Winegar, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept; M Patnode, R Atwood, MD, Yakima Health District; R Nelson, B Baker, Immunization Program Office, JM Kobayashi, MD, State Epidemiologist, Washington State Dept of Health.