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Effect on postoperative sore throat of spraying the endotracheal tube cuff with benzydamine hydrochloride, 10% lidocaine, and 2% lidocaine.
Topical preparations included chlorhexidine, benzydamine hydrohloride (Difflam), hyaluronan (Gengigel), emolients and antimicrobials.
We conducted a study to evaluate the effect of an investigational mouth spray that contains chlorhexidine gluconate and benzydamine HCl in terms of reducing the intensity of pain and improving quality of life in patients with acute viral pharyngitis.
Randomized chlorhexidine (CHX) Crossover Trial and benzydamine oral Children found CHX rinse agents in more helpful in children 6 to 17 reducing mucositis and years old palliating discomfort associated with n= 34 (6 to 16 mucositis.
Interventions evaluated were: acyclovir, allopurinol mouthrinse, aloe vera, antibiotic pastille or paste, benzydamine, beta carotene, calcium phosphate, camomile, Chinese medicine, chlorhexidine, etoposide, folinic acid, glutamine, granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), histamine gel, honey, hydrolytic enzymes, ice chips, iseganan, keratinocyte GF, misonidazole, pilocarpine, pentoxifylline, povidone, prednisone, propantheline anticholinergic, prostaglandin, sucralfate, systemic antibiotic clarithromycin, traumeel, zinc sulphate.
bolus 5-fluorouracil, melphalan) * Palifermin for autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for hematologic malignancies Effectiveness Not Established * Allopurinol * Aloe vera * Amifostine * Anti-inflammatory rinses * Antimicrobial agents * Benzydamine hydrochloride * Flurbiprofen tooth patch * Granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor (subcutaneous) * Granulocyte macrophage-colonystimulating factor (subcutaneous) * Immunoglobin * L-alanyl-l-glutamine * Low-level laser therapy * Multiagent ("magic") rinses * Pilocarpine * Povidone-iodine * Tetracaine * Zinc supplements Effectiveness Unlikely * Iseganan Not Recommended for Practice * Chlorhexidine * Granulocyte macrophage-colony-stimulating factor mouthwash * Sucralfate Note.
Popular topical agents on the market today are corticosteroids like Kenalog, Orabase and Lidex; tetracycline mouthrinses; topical anti-inflammatory agents like benzydamine hydrochloride mouthrinses and betamethasone gel; as well as antimicrobial mouthrinses like chlorhexidine gluconate.
Children's acceptance and tolerante of chlorhexidine and benzydamine oral rinses in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced oropharingeal mucositis.
Prevention of oral mucositis in radiation therapy: a controlled study with benzydamine hydrochloride rinse.
Benzydamine hydrochloride is not yet available in the United States, but has shown some promise in reducing inflammation and pain (Turnbull, 1995).