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Dietary chemopreventative benzyl isothiocyanate inhibits breast cancer stem cells in vitro and in vivo.
The role of polycomb group protein Bmi-1 and Notch4 in breast cancer stem cell inhibition by benzyl isothiocyanate.
Benzyl isothiocyanate exhibits anti-inflammatory effects in murine macrophages and in mouse skin.
Benzyl isothiocyanate, a major component from the roots of salvadora persica is highly active against gram-negative bacteria.
will discuss how breast cancer stem cell growth is inhibited when a protein called Ron sensitizes the stem cells to the benzyl isothiocyanate molecule in cruciferous vegetables.
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the antimicrobial effect of bee venom and its major component melittin alone or in twoand three-drug combinations with antibiotics (vancomycin, oxacillin, and amikacin) or known antimicrobial plant secondary metabolites (carvacrol, benzyl isothiocyanate, sanguinarine, and berberine; Fig.
stenopetala seeds and its main compound, benzyl isothiocyanate showed the most potent trypanocidal activities with [IC.
Inhibitory effect of benzyl isothiocyanates administered shortly before diethyl nitrosamine or benzo (a) pyrene on pulmonary and fore stomach neoplasia in A/J mice.
Inhibitory effect of benzyl isothiocyanates administered shortly before diethyl nitrosamine or benzo(a)pyrene on pulmonary and forestomach neoplasia in A/J mice.