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BEPressBerkeley Electronic Press
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Across the SAGE and BePress portal sites 22 manuscripts were accepted for publication, resulting in a 19.
Graduate School Collection Bepress on Trace: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange http://trace.
Finally, we owe thanks to the support staff at Bepress who provide us, authors, and reviewers with prompt, helpful guidance using the portal site.
Submission and review of manuscripts will be handled through the SAGE online manuscript submission and peer review system, SAGE Track, which has essentially the same features as the current Digital Commons system bepress, but a different 'look and feel'.
Other possible nongovernment members, not yet invited to join, may come: from University based free access providers of primary materials for example AltLaw [92] (Columbia University and the University of Colorado law schools); from some repositories of legal scholarship (for example, bePress Legal Repository [93]); and from developers of new collaborative forms of legal scholarship such as Wikipedia (which has extensive law content [94]) or (if it develops) JurisPedia.
We continue to rely on the electronic portal site to facilitate our receipt and review of manuscripts, and we are thankful again to the support staff at Bepress who provide us, as well as authors and reviewers, with prompt and helpful assistance.