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BEPressBerkeley Electronic Press
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We all brought various talents to the table: firsthand knowledge of the current ETD workflow, knowledge of thesis and dissertation cataloging, project management skills, knowledge of various metadata schemas (ProQuest, bepress, etc.), and technical skills--skills needed to create XML stylesheets for metadata transformation between ProQuest and bepress metadata, and for using an OAI harvester to harvest metadata from one place and reuse it in another.
Across the SAGE and BePress portal sites 22 manuscripts were accepted for publication, resulting in a 19.6% acceptance rate.
Butler University is busily placing all previous issues of Word Ways online through BEPRESS. When this is completed, we will alert our readership.
[9] Abdeldjebar Hazzab_Ismail Khalil Bousserhane and Mokhtar Kamli "Design of a Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller by Genetic Algorithms for Induction Machine Speed Control" International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems, The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress).
But this was in the days before BePress and ExpressO, and it wasn't as if we could advertise.
At the heart of the repository is a suite of digital publishing tools developed by Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress), which was founded in 1999 "to address the inefficiencies that characterize the current scholarly publishing model," says president Greg Tananbaum.
The system offers unique advantages to subscribers, editors and authors.
Operating on the bepress ( platform, the Digital Commons @ EMU (DC @ EMU) is an online repository that contains collections from 244 disciplines, such as social and behavioral sciences and business.
Digital Commons of BePress) has been already designed to accommodate peer-review management features.
The acquisition is in line with Elseviers organic growth driven strategy, supported by acquisitions of innovative open science companies that are helping improve the research information ecosystem, following the acquisitions of Mendeley, SSRN, Plum Analytics and bepress. The transaction is subject to customary conditions and regulatory consents and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2018.
Elsevier acquired bepress, the Berkeley, California, publisher that academic institutions use to collect, organize, preserve, and disseminate intellectual output, including preprints, working papers, journals or specific articles, dissertations, theses, conference proceedings, and a wide variety of other data.
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