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BERABritish Educational Research Association
BERABiomass Energy Research Association
BERABrainstem Evoked Response Audiometry
BERABaseline Ecological Risk Assessment
BERABerkeley Economic Research Associates
BERABranford Electric Railway Association
BERABrookhaven Employees Recreation Association
BERABald Eagle Repeater Association
BERABerkeley Election Reform Act
BERABayer Employees Recreation Association
BERABit-Error Rate Analysis
BERABonaly Estate Residents Association
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Recording of BERA was done on root-mean-square electromyographic Octopus by Clarity Medical Pvt.
Bera said Trump has divided the US with his comments and actions and hurt the country's image in the world.
Counting the IRA conversion money in tax credit eligibility calculations is unfair, Bera said.
Marketing chief of Bera Alanya, Dilek Cagla Uner, told me that the hotel provides "the highest quality of service" and has an "excellent halal ethos" not least because the complex was built as a halal resort from the very beginning.
In the meantime, sensing the distance between Bera and a core Democratic constituency, Republicans are mulling possible candidates to challenge him.
Bera cut his teeth in the business at Morgan Stanley (MS), starting in 2001 and moved to Lehman Brothers in 2003, while Dewhurst became at advisor with Lehman in 2005.
By comparing the results of screening tests with confirmatory BERA at 6 months, the percentages of false positive, false negative, true positive and true negative was find out so as to calculate the accuracy (Sensitivity/Specificity) of the used screening test.
Have a content calendar and set parameters around when and how often you'll publish content, suggested Bera, who puts up a blog post at noon every Wednesday and sends out her email newsletter on Friday of every other week.
Bera, a physician representing a suburban Sacramento district, is the only Indian-American in Congress.
In an FIR lodged on Friday, the woman accused Sasadhar Bera, a core faculty member of IIM Ranchi, of passing sexually unambiguous comments against her.
Bera said the measure is a practical way to decrease the skyrocketing cost of health care and to ensure the malpractice system works better for patients and physicians.
When Thibault Bera came to Israel four years ago as chef to former French Ambassador Christophe Bigot, he expected to prepare French cuisine for private dinners and official events.