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BLBNPBering Land Bridge National Preserve (Alaska)
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Elias National Park and Preserve, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Katmai National Park and Preserve along the Gulf of Alaska, and Bering Land Bridge National Preserve and Cape Krusenstem National Monument by the shore of the more northern Chukchi Sea--to remove marine debris from their most sullied beaches.
In Alaska, meanwhile, melting sea ice and thawing permafrost have allowed winter storms to erode the coastlines of Cape Krusenstem National Monument and the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Kotzebue Sound at an unprecedented rate.
Their evaluation study led to the creation of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. For the following four summers, Chuck continued in the same type of work, producing vegetation and floristic inventories of some of the most iconic lands in Alaska.
The object, about 2 inches by 1 inch and less than 1 inch thick, was found in August by a team excavating a roughly 1,000-year-old house that had been dug into the side of a beach ridge by early Inupiat Eskimos at Cape Espenberg on the Seward Peninsula, which lies within the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.
It's also the gateway to the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. Nome has one of the richest and oldest Eskimo cultures documented in Alaska.
BERING LAND BRIDGE NATIONAL PRESERVE, AlaskaAuFour miles south of the Arctic Circle, the morning sky is streaked with apricot.