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Scientists have long thought that humans passed from what is now Siberia to present-day Alaska via the Bering land bridge (a strip of land that today is covered in ocean) but then had to wait for the ice sheets across present-day Canada to recede before continuing southward.
Washington, March 13 ( ANI ): Researchers have said that evolutionary analysis applied to the relationship between North American and Central Siberian languages may indicate that people moved out from the Bering Land Bridge, with some migrating back to central Asia and others into North America.
Fagan plumps for the Siberians, who crossed the Bering Land Bridge 15,000 years ago.
The earliest dogs in North America are believed to have come with the early settlers across the Bering land bridge from Asia to the Americas 10,000 years ago or earlier, said Wayne, who has not seen Belknap's research.
In addition, the peninsula was once part of the Bering land bridge, a 1,000-mile-wide stretch of land connecting Siberia with mainland Alaska during the Pleistocene Ice Age.
Fully one third of all the people ever to move to the United States, starting from the first Siberian to cross the Bering land bridge in search of game, have arrived since 1965.
From the highlands of Tibet and the deserts of Mongolia, these ancestral sheep crossed the Bering land bridge to North America sometime during the Pleistocene glaciations.
BERING LAND BRIDGE NATIONAL PRESERVE, AlaskaAuFour miles south of the Arctic Circle, the morning sky is streaked with apricot.
The theme and location of the Symposium were especially significant because this region of Russia is undergoing dynamic development, yet still holds much virgin forest, and moose evolved and subsequently spread from this region to North America via the Bering Land Bridge.
Experts say that musk oxen accompanied the woolly mammoth across the Bering land bridge straight into Pleistocene North America, but unlike their massive traveling companions, the heavy-coated oxen are still here to talk about it.
And there are some people who rightly or wrongly believe we crossed over into Canada from China and Siberia, across the Bering land bridge.
The last giant of Beringia; the mystery of the Bering Land Bridge.