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BMUBundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz Und Reaktorsicherheit (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety)
BMUBachelor of Music (degree; various locations)
BMUBermuda (ISO Country code)
BMUBattery Management Unit (electronics)
BMUBattery Management Unit
BMUBeachmaster Unit
BMUBuilding Maintenance Unit
BMUBeach Management Unit
BMUBlack Men United
BMUBassin Minier Uni (French: United Mining Region; coal industry)
BMUBibliothèque Municipale de Uchaud (French: Uchaud Public Library; Uchaud, France)
BMUBrigade Medical Unit
BMUBalancing Mechanism Unit (electricity)
BMUBit-Manipulation Unit
BMUBasic Measurement Unit
BMUBus Monitor Unit
BMUBattery Monitoring Unit
BMUBlood Money Union (Tampa, Florida, record label under Universal Republic)
BMUBritish Motors Ukraine (Donetsk, Ukraine)
BMUBank Monitoring Unit
BMUBandwidth Management Unit (communications)
BMUBorne Météo Urbaine (French: Urban Weather Terminal)
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Bermuda is an important regional and global offshore financial center.
As well, investors in countries that to date do not have a DTA with Qatar can establish domicile in Bermuda and benefit from the Qatar Bermuda DTA and the DTA network.
The new London money in Bermuda suggests a high comfort level.
Accommodations in Bermuda vary with a selection of resort hotels, charming guest houses and even the island's own unique cottage colonies.
Jazz of the Rock: The Musical Heritage of Bermuda and Its People (A B.
Although different species can share breeding colonies, fossils of only short-tailed albatross were unearthed at the Bermuda site.
Slaveholding was far more widespread on Bermuda than in England's colonies on the North American mainland, but in Bermuda, Bernhard insists, no powerful, self-conscious slaveholding class emerged.
Restoring the environment on the major volcanic islands of Bermuda will be even more daunting than it was on Nonsuch Island.
Bermuda's currency, the Bermuda dollar, is pegged one-to-one to the U.
Claimed for the British crown in the 1600s, Bermuda is still heavily influenced by its English conquerors and examples of that are still evident in the culture.
Bermuda and Switzerland are remote, essentially dosed communities.