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BOBWBest Of Both Worlds
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"But I think we are in a good place now and I think we can have the best of both worlds and get the heavy work done and continue to swim fast and progress." Britain enjoyed a fine last World Championships in Rome, winning seven medals in the pool as well as golds for Keri-Anne Payne and Tom Daley in the open water and diving.
BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Amy Purdie of Whiteacres Design with daughter Lyra
I love their fashion styles and we were all singing along to the songs, especially Best of Both Worlds.
Thus, he brings to this book the best of both worlds: professional writer and combat Marine.
The Town of Callander is discovering it has the best of both worlds.
"World-class hotels like the Radisson Hotel Miami make it possible for business travelers to combine meetings and memories and truly have the best of both worlds for themselves and their families."
The guys who run Vorbis claim that it "sounds better than MP3." So with the iMP-550, you get the best of both worlds. All worlds, sorry.
``I think TB/Welsh Cob crosses give us the best of both worlds. You get elevation and hocks that are really useful -the best in the world.
Smoothies made in the Vita-Mix give you the best of both worlds. You get terrific taste and powerful nutrition that only whole foods pulverized down to the microscopic level can provide.
"Now, MySQL users can get the best of both worlds -- transaction support with high concurrency for enterprise applications as well as our non-transactional architecture for lightning fast websites.
We can continue using NetWare and are now getting the best of both worlds. We are expecting significant cost savings and considerably enhanced security."
The VDR-M30K DVD player/recorder records onto 8 cm DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs, so you get the best of both worlds. Go for DVD-RAM if you want to keep adding and deleting stuff (Panny claims you can rewrite up to 100,000 times with DVD-RAM, which should take you up until you're about 137 years old) or opt for the "once only" DVD-R discs and save some yen or cents in the process by using the cheaper media.