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Bethany Potts, 13, got into difficulty in the sea with her stepfather Carl Dunlop while they were on holiday in Salou, Spain, last October.
Bethany Arts Community has reached out to local community leaders, artists, and art organizations to establish positive and productive working relationships and to help fill in any gaps within the local art culture.
Bethany's Wish was set up by Alberto and Angela Polanco after they lost their daughter Bethany in 2012 to Wilms' tumour - a rare childhood cancer of the kidney.
Active in community, Bethany is a diplomat for the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce.
Bethany needs to unfold, herself; and her blossoming process as she interacts with others lies at the heart of a novel that peppers a healthy dose of humor into its proceedings: "Bethany, the fist time I saw you I was like, here's a girl who gets it.
Jayne and Bethany's dad Owen had tried for a child for seven years before the ground-breaking treatment at the Aldridge clinic worked for them.
And the way Bethany and Ryan handled both, surrounded by two families that, in essence, became one.
Bethany almost gives up on life when a 14-foot tiger shark rips off her left arm just below the shoulder during a morning surf.
While Bethany waited for a wave, a 4.6-meter (15-foot)-long tiger shark swam up and bit her.
The front of the Saxo struck Bethany at around 10mph, and she was pulled under the car, before it rolled up a kerb and onto the grass verge.
Bethany is a bright young lady, full of energy and enthusiasm.
But later that year, Bethany's dream of becoming a professional surfer was unexpectedly put on hold.