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FMSEFormal Methods in Security Engineering
FMSEBetroka (Madagascar airport code)
FMSEFédération Mauricienne de Sports Équestres (French: Mauritian Equestrian Sports Federation)
FMSEFinancially Motivated Social Engineering (cybersecurity)
FMSEFuels Mobility Support Equipment
FMSEFinancial Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics
FMSEFuels Mission Support Equipment
FMSEFormal Methods of Software Engineering (course; various locations)
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Malosa, Malawi; loose, crude, thumbnail-size, gray-green crystals of kornerupine from Betroka, Madagascar; loose, sharp crystals of rutile from Alto Ligonha, Mozambique; and plenty more.
I was also shown some blue spinel crystals from Betroka, Madagascar, which are glassier and quite a bit better than most I've seen before.
Yellow Orthoclase (Sanidine) from South Betroka, Madagascar
Lacroix (1922) first reported transparent yellow orthoclase from near the village of Itrongay between the small towns of Betroka and Benenitra in his Mineralogie de Madagascar.
Larry Venezia (115 Coleridge St., East Boston, MA 02128) has recently obtained a lot of lustrous, gemmy, equant crystals of colorless orthoclase from South Betroka, and a new supply of manandonite is available from KARP Minerals.