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BATSBetter Access to Services (Australia)
BATSBermuda Atlantic Time-series Study
BATSBetter Alternative Trading System (finance)
BATSBattlefield Airmen Training Squadron (US Air Force)
BATSBiosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme
BATSBradley Advanced Training System
BATSBomb and Arson Tracking System (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives)
BATSBroadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology
BATSBritish Anti Terrorist Squad (gaming clan)
BATSBallistic Aerial Target System
BATSBullhead Area Transit System
BATSBiometric Automated Toolset System
BATSBiological Assessment and Taxonomic Support
BATSBayesian Analysis of Time Series
BATSBilling and Tracking System
BATSBlood Alcohol Testing Section
BATSBlue Airborne Target Signatures
BATSBaseline Automated Test System
BATSBradley Armor Training System
BATSBasic Attributes Testing System
BATSBase Area Test System
BATSBrilliant Anti-Tank System
BATSBeat All to Stuff (polite form)
BATSBroadcast Area Teleservice
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Digitisation, it said, offers a range of advantages for the consumer, such as faster transaction times, greater convenience and better access to services.
Our Mental Health Strategy sets out how we can improve intervention and ensure better access to services.
Vincent de Paul has found that providing a safe, legal place to camp in a vehicle helps families and individual in crisis stabilize their lives and gain better access to services that can help them get back on their feet and into employment.
Mental Health Minister Maureen Watt said: "Our ambitious mental health strategy sets out clearly how we can improve early intervention and ensure better access to services.
Of course, money can't buy your what you define as a happy state of mind, but it could buy free time, better access to services and higher quality of lifestyle.
We have already started implementing our One Health System reforms which are aimed at providing better access to services and better patient outcomes.
It would ensure better access to services and increased support for both adults and children alike - going a step further than England's Act, which is targeted at adults only.
Dr Muna Al Saffar, coordinator general of Princess Haya Award, said: "Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals and their families, helping individuals with special needs to reach their full potential, encourage better access to services, in addition to giving better opportunities to educators and working professionals in supporting their needs.
BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing has proposed a new system giving permanent residence status to millions of people already living in the city, giving them better access to services like healthcare and education.
In conclusion the conference, stressed on the vitality of increasing national investment in the health sector and in Jerusalem's hospitals and medic workforce in order to deliver better care and better access to services for patients.
It offers services to blind and partially-sighted people and campaigns for better access to services and transport, and freedom of mobility.
She argued that residents in a given municipality would have better access to services if they are represented by local councils comprising individuals from the municipality's largest sectarian group.
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