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BGFWBetter Governance for Wales (UK)
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Mr Hain's foreword said: "As the Government's White Paper Better Governance for Wales explained, consideration of these Orders could be informed by understanding the use the Assembly might propose to make of these powers in the immediate future.
Even more recently, only this summer, she could have given evidence to the Committee on the Better Governance for Wales White Paper but didn't.
The Commission made no representation about this when it had an opportunity to do so during a consultation process after the White Paper Better Governance For Wales was published.
It coincides with Plaid's response to the Westminster white paper, Better Governance for Wales, which proposes enhanced law-making powers for Cardiff Bay, but only after a referendum.
Nothing has changed, in short, from when the Better Governance For Wales White Paper was published in June.
Better Governance for Wales' White Paper has been published, we ask the minister to progress the matter further in the Assembly and Westminster.
This is a fundamental prerogative for better governance for Wales.'
It was the first example, since last week's white paper, Better Governance for Wales, of how the government intends to draft bills to allow the Assembly wider powers.
Called Better Governance for Wales, it forms the basis of a new government of Wales bill, to be introduced at the end of this year or early in 2006.
Several constitutional experts have pointed out in their responses to the White Paper Better Governance For Wales that it remains unclear how much scope the Assembly will have.
In a joint submission responding to the UK Government's White Paper Better Governance for Wales, they say if primary lawmaking powers were granted to the Assembly, Welsh MPs and a selection of Welsh peers sitting at Westminster could become a revising second chamber.
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