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BLUBluefish (FAO fish species code)
BLUBigger, Longer, Uncut (South Park Movie)
BLUBoys Like Us
BLUBanda Lateral Única (Spanish: Single-Side Band)
BLUBacklight Unit (LCD)
BLUBetter Left Unsaid
BLUBomb Live Unit
BLUBack Light Unit
BLUBande Latérale Unique (French: Single-Side Band)
BLUBasic Link Unit
BLUBelgische Luchtmacht (Belgian Air Force)
BLUBasic Logic Unit
BLUBuilders League United (gaming)
BLUBorder Liaison Unit
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Besides, there is always the certainty that either you or the dropper-in will say something that would have been better left unsaid, and I have a holy horror of gossip and mischief-making.
There are issues that are better left unsaid until they are agreed and this must become the president's guiding principle.
Some things are better left unsaid. If only you could determine which ones.
Certain things would seem better left unsaid on state visits.
Some things are better left unsaid in a national publication.
Washington, July 28 ( ANI ): There are certain phrases or words that one might have said kindly to someone over 50, but some things are better left unsaid.
"This is better left unsaid," Ecevit reportedly told him, according to GE-neE-' testimony to the commission.
"I m not in a position to be able to, or want to, comment on our national security," he told reporters."These things are sometimes better left unsaid."
But then there is the colloquial foot-in-mouth disease, a common term for describing a faux pas in which someone says something that was better left unsaid. There may be a new variant of this fictitious illness.
THERE is some information which is better left unsaid. For instance, David Cameron revealing this week that he had a minute-by-minute recollection of his wedding night.
It's a classic case of knowing what he means but also that it would have been better left unsaid.
Are things really better left unsaid? Tell us what you think.
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