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BTICBeijing Transportation Information Center (China)
BTICBetter Than Ice Cream (Philippines)
BTICBIOTROP (Regional Centre for Tropical Biology) Training and Information Centre (Indonesia)
BTICBabader Trading Industrial Corp. (Saudi Arabia)
BTICBaggage Tag Issuer Code (aviation)
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Our new integrated campaign is designed to educate our guests about all the good things that we know make our frozen custard better than ice cream, while introducing them to our thicker, creamier Concrete Mixer.
A company called Prolacta was planning to commercialize human breast milk, and toddlers who still breast-feed say that their mother's milk is as good as chocolate and better than ice cream.
Because of its ability to stay cold, it tastes better than ice cream.
You can enjoy all the good taste of ice cream without gaining any weight," advised Better Than Ice Cream (BTIC) frozen yogurt parlor proprietor Nestor "Butch" Bonan.