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When he had changed, poured water over his head, and scented himself, Nicholas arrived at the governor's rather late, but with the phrase "better late than never" on his lips.
As soon as Nicholas entered in his hussar uniform, diffusing around him a fragrance of perfume and wine, and had uttered the words "better late than never" and heard them repeated several times by others, people clustered around him; all eyes turned on him, and he felt at once that he had entered into his proper position in the province- that of a universal favorite: a very pleasant position, and intoxicatingly so after his long privations.
"There's no other wish come into it since things have been going on as they have been of late?" (Caleb meant a great deal in that vague phrase;) "because, better late than never. A woman must not force her heart--she'll do a man no good by that."
"She might have had the politeness to send that message at first, but it's better late than never. And what did she give young Rantipole here?"
But it is better late than never and I can also tell you that I still look forward to that time when UPP and APGA will reunite to give Ndigbo a very strong, veritable platform to engage the rest of
The post Our View: Transparency on Turkish Cypriot properties better late than never appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Better late than never, the leaguer commented on the CM statement and urged him to extend full cooperation to federal government in this regard in order to ensure early completion of the multibillion dollar plan within the shortest possible time.
"Better late than never! We've had a few of them against us in the last five-six weeks."
Like all good things, presents are better late than never.
IT'S better late than never as Andy Murray finally shows up to support his mum on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing.
It's better late than never. Palestinian factions have already wasted a lot of time fighting each other.
Still better late than never. He was referring to comments made by Edward Twiddy, who also didn't get things entirely correct.
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