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B/(W)Better or Worse
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We call this "horizontal analysis." The method compared the average value of each metric in 2007, 2009 and 2018 to see if companies did better or worse in each year.
-- Americans are more likely to say the Obama administration's economic stimulus plan has had no effect on the economy (49%) or their family's financial situation (64%) up to now than to say it has made either one better or worse.
Are th better or worse than whole wheat's fiber when it your risk of constipation, colon cancer, or heart disease?
For the record, Yoplait is no better or worse than any other lowfat sweetened yogurt.
Even as Bork reproached Americans - from the best-seller list - with having created perhaps the most depraved society in human history, the number-one box-office draw was, for better or worse, 101 Dalmatians.