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BCDLBlock Command Definition Language
BCDLBull City Dart League (Durham, NC; est. 1993)
BCDLBeverage Container Deposit Law (recycling programs)
BCDLBritish Columbia Drivers License
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Dykema favors earned sick time for employees and expanding the beverage container deposit law to include water and juice bottles.
Rick Snyder released a plan to boost recycling of household solid waste in Michigan, which lags behind most other states despite once being a trendsetter with its beverage container deposit law.
Both candidates supported eliminating the gas tax indexing and opposed expanding the beverage container deposit law.
Currently nine states have beverage container deposit laws and California has a hybrid version.
1) Although the initial purpose of beverage container deposit laws and bills was to control litter, purposes now stated include conservation of energy and resources and reduction of municipal solid waste.
A great deal has been written about the pros and cons of beverage container deposit laws (BCDL): scholarly analyses (Moore and Scott 1983), federal reports (General Accounting Office 1977, 1980), and a variety of industry reports, state analyses, and public interest advocacy group papers too numerous to cite.
However, political enthusiasm for recycling, especially in combination with beverage container deposit laws, should be tempered by a full understanding of consumer costs.