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BTVBangladesh Television
BTVBluetongue Virus
BTVBenfica TV (Portugal)
BTVBusiness Television
BTVBuyer to Verify (real estate sales)
BTVBuffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show)
BTVBotswana Television
BTVBarcelona TV
BTVBeyond the Veil
BTVBetter TV (Israel)
BTVBuskerud Telemark Vestfold (Norwegian investment company)
BTVBridgewater Television (Community TV; Bridgewater, MA)
BTVBéance Tubaire Volontaire (French pressure balancing maneuver)
BTVBallistic Test Vehicle (launcher system testing)
BTVBus Ticket Validator
BTVBlast Test Vehicle
BTVBurlington, VT, USA - Burlington International Airport (Airport Code)
BTVBlanc Transports Véhicules (French automobile distributor)
BTVBenoit Tourisme Voyages (French travel agency)
BTVBibliothèque du Tourisme et des Voyages (French: Library of Travel and Tourism)
BTVBuoyant Transport Vehicle
BTVBridgewater Television (Bridgewater, Massachusetts local programming)
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It was a transfigured face, with great shining eyes that gazed beyond the veil of sound and saw behind it the leap and pulse of life and the gigantic phantoms of the spirit.
Its mystic imagery are so many talismans and gems inscribed with unknown hieroglyphics; she folds them in her bosom, and expects to read them when she passes beyond the veil.
Recapturing the Wonder gently invites those weary of a monochromatic faith to step beyond the veil of cynicism and encounter a world full of vibrant divinity.
Beyond the Veil - at the Liverpool Actors Studio Theatre this weekend - is described as CSI meets Camberwick Green, a gentle comedy detective story with music, fun and facts about bees and beekeeping.
Of the bloody path, will tell many a tale Of Lover's love, even beyond the veil.
is touring the country alongside Mikron's second new play for 2013, Beyond the Veil, a show about bees and beekeeping with a crime thriller at its core.
This section discusses the following themes in the data that characterize third space for these participants: (a) educators' cultural curiosity, (b) learning to see beyond the veil, (c) the global meets the local in education, (d) heading home, and (e) tensions for international educators.
Indeed, it is perhaps then that we may come to our full stature as human beings, discovering that our "control" over death is not the manner or time of its coming, but the freedom to surrender our last breath in gratitude and hope, confident that the one who gave us life awaits us beyond the veil.
In Beyond the Veil, Fatema Mernissi argues that the Islamic view of women as active sexual beings resulted in stricter regulation and control of women's sexuality, which Muslim theorists classically regarded as a threat to civilised society.
It is an unflinching look beyond the veil of modem warriors who try to reconstruct their ideals and their lives.
It is there, beyond the veil of fragile moral illusions or poor attempts of meta-theorizing: that is reality, and it matters.
I had to read her autobiography Beyond the Veil as soon as I could get my hands on it.