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Binet points out that the single-ballerina prototype typically has two uses: telling a story with one clear protagonist; or creating an abstract work where the patterns center around one person.
This is discussed for the Binet and generalized Binet weight functions in Section 2.
In Binet's novel, intelligence officer Jacques Bayard is entrusted with the task of establishing the circumstances of the accident and locating an important document which was in Barthes's possession at the time of the accident and which later went missing.
Patients of Binet stage A, B and C; were 10(18%), 20 (35%) and 27(47%), respectively.
However, Binet's wide-ranging cast of characters is diverse enough to deliver pith as well as mirth.
Before structuring her images, Binet spent time in and around the house which was constructed in the mid-sixties, exploring its structure so she could capture the qualities and elements of its construction.
Having taught for some time in Slovakia, had a local girlfriend, and frequently visited Prague, Binet makes these biographical items part of his text: "On arriving in Bratislava in 1996, before going to work as a French teacher in a Slovakian military academy, one of the first things I asked the secretary to the military attache at the embassy ..." (6); "A little while after arriving in Slovakia, I met a very beautiful young Slovak woman with whom I fell madly in love ..."(7); "For the hundredth time, I returned to Prague." (11).
Kuniko Binet, originally born and raised in Japan where she developed her keen sense of smell naturally, crated Hexarom with her passion about aromatherapy and fragrance.
Where Binet saw wartime heroism and struggled to divulge it without resorting to "cheap literary effects," I saw the financial crisis of 2008 in -retrospect-and a story that refused to boil itself down to a simple lineage of cause and effect, faulted and failed.
Recently, it has been hypothesized that leukemic Bcells may also act as professional antigen presenting cells.5,6 The Binet clinical staging system is used to define disease extent and predict survival.7,8.