BiOpBiological Opinion (NOAA fisheries)
BiOpBaghdad International Airport
BiOpBroadcast Inter-ORB Protocol
BiOpBurst Idle Optical Protocol
BiOpBasis of Issue Plan
BiOpBureau d'Information et d'Orientation Professionnelles (French)
BiOpBeen in Owner's Possession (veterinary medicine)
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On September 20, 2013, FWS released their BiOP, which was a formal review of the BLM approved plan, including the USGS cooperative plan.
Table 1 shows the values of [zeta]w, CV, and CR for repeatability and reproducibility derived from the random-effects model for IOP, bIOP, and DCRs.
Under section 10, any person may apply to the Services for an Incidental Take Permit (ITP), which approves certain takes that are "incidental to, and not the purpose of, the carrying out of an otherwise lawful activity." (122) Similarly, under section 7, the Services can issue an Incidental Take Statement (ITS) as part of a BiOp. An ITS allows a federal agency to take endangered species during the proposed action if the taking will not jeopardize the continued existence of any listed species and is incidental to the purpose of the action.
(192) Applying this standard, the court found that storage allowed the District both to meet its delivery obligations and to comply with the bypass requirements of the BiOp. (193) Thus, the District's takings claim was not ripe because it had not suffered "an actual reduction in beneficial use." (194) The court's reaffirmation that a water right is limited to water actually applied to beneficial use is an important step in the incorporation of risk and moral hazard into takings law.
Companies include BASF, BIOP Biopoymers Technologies, Braskem, Futerro, Mazzucchelli 1849, Metabolix, Nature- Works, Novamont, Rodenburg Biopolymers, Roquette, Synbra Technology, and Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials.
However, it awaits the completion of an updated NMFS BiOp, slated to be completed in June 2001.
16 June 2011 - Swedish pharma company Medivir AB (STO: MVIR B) said today it had control of some 94% in local sector player Biophausia AB (STO: BIOP) after the extended acceptance period for the takeover bid expired on 14 June.
International Resource News-April 6, 2011--Frost & Sullivan honours BIOP Biopolymer Technologies AG(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
The administration returned with a revised biological opinion, or "biop," that Redden on Monday declared "a good piece of work." "I really think that with a little more work, we have a biop," he said.
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The final result of a formal consultation process is a biological opinion ("BiOp") that indicates whether a species is in jeopardy.