BISCABolzano International School in Cognitive Analysis (Bolzano, Italy)
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A bespoke staircase from Bisca, starts from around PS1,5000
Bisca is now aiming to get shearing recognised as an official UK sport and campaigning for 1,700 of its members to sign a petition to get the proposal in motion.
it's essential to consult a specialist about lighting effects FOR PAGE HOMES FOR SALE PAGE 20 A bespoke staircase from Bisca, starts from around PS1,5000
Bisca makes bespoke staircases which can incorporate storage drawers in the steps, ideal for shoes or even valuables.
Bisca makes bespoke staircases which incorporate storagedrawers in the steps.
Left, Six Basket Console Unit, PS345, The Holding Company STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Staircases are a key feature in a hallway and nowadays their potential is being realised with revamps of bannisters, bespoke staircases, or lighting PERFECT PATTERNS Try a bold pattern paper or a colour you might be too inhibited to use in a main living area INNER BEAUTY A bespoke staircase from Bisca starts from around PS1,5000
BISCA is the main regulatory body for all shearing competitions held in the UK and sets rules and guidelines which are accepted internationally.
The competition is run under British Isles Shearing Competition Association rules and leading BISCA judges have been invited.
For instance, you can kit it out with a swish curved staircase from Bisca (www.