BIAPBaghdad International Airport (Baghdad, Iraq)
BIAPBureau International d'Audiophonologie (French: International Office of Audiophonology; Belgium)
BIAPBroadband Interactive Applications (BIAP Systems, Inc.)
BIAPBovine Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase (biochemistry)
BIAPBritain in Asia Pacific (chamber of commerce organization)
BIAPBase Information Analysis Program
BIAPBiuro Inzynierskie Automatyki Przemyslowej (Polish industrial automation and propulsion systems company)
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We are grateful for the cooperation and support extended by the Biap to the government, [and] thus making our efforts more responsive to the needs of the consumers,' Castelo said.
Once at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), unit personnel met the witnesses and transported them to billeting.
Although the Federal Aviation Administration still considers BIAP, and many other airfields in Iraq, too dangerous for U.S.
This process would repeat through Balad, KCIA, Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), KCIA, and then the C-130 would return to base at AAS.
Pero, es en el caso de los alumnos con sordera profunda (es decir, superior a 90 dB en ambos oidos; BIAP, 1997) y prelocutiva (esto es, desde los 3,5 meses de vida hasta los 2 anos; Gorospe et al., 2000) donde los implantes cocleares estan teniendo su mayor aportacion, sobre todo si el IC se realiza de forma precoz, esto es, antes de los tres anos de edad (Manrique y Huarte, 2002).
This summer will likely see the start of the second phase of the company's trial, which will focus on allegations that, on a contract to provide security for Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Custer Battles short-changed the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) by diverting airport guards to other jobs.
In my case the accused, the victim, and a few other soldiers had engaged in a light-hearted discussion outside of the unit's sleeping tents at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) after a long day of work.
It is interesting that one of the largest initiatives in promoting reading in Australia, the Books alive campaign is part of a $240 million package, the Book industry assistance plan (Biap), funded and coordinated by the Australia Council, the arts funding and advisory body of the federal government.
Within 48 hours of arrival, and during base camp construction, the company was on support missions in the city: the Baghdad Zoo reopening, trash cleanup, and an ongoing series of force protection and quality-of-life improvements for the units located in the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) area.
The area between LSA Dogwood and BIAP was a Marine Sector of responsibility.
He has held the post of vice president of sales and marketing at BIAP Systems, an artificial intelligence developer, and Howard Sams, a Bell Atlantic Company based in Indianapolis.
An association like this will allow better networking of small companies with large companies and government agencies," said Bill Haskitt, executive vice president of BiAp Systems, a small software company in Dulles, VA.