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Alt, "Biased random walk models for chemotaxis and related diffusion approximations," Journal of Mathematical Biology, vol.
The routing protocol is then described as a biased random walk where the event of not collaborating in the routing protocol is denoted by a loop from each node to the originator of the route.
The rescaled (R/S) analysis showed that the markets had a biased random walk reporting a fractal dimension of less than 1.5.
These stocks were Hurst processes, or biased random walks. Thus, it can be concluded that some stocks in the market are in fact efficient while others are not.
(2) We first propose a biased random walk recommendation algorithm on coupled social network, which considers the social interests as well as users' preference in the recommender systems.
In Section 3, we propose a biased random walk algorithm on coupled social network.
Jahna Otterbacher and colleagues (2005) take Erkan and Radev (2004) one step further by introducing the concept of a biased random walk to address the problem of question-focused passage retrieval.
Biased random walk exchange rates are characterized by abrupt and unusual central bank interventions of extraordinary volume compared with pegged currencies.
Field-tracking recordings of individual beetles are fitted to a biased random walk (BRW) model and inserted into the IBM together with data on resting behavior.
[Delta] [greater than] 0 suggests a biased random walk (BRW), whereas [Delta] [less than] 0 indicates a CRW.
The code included in the appendix is either very simple (bifurcation diagrams from the logistic equation and generation of a biased random walk), or deals with complex routines (estimation of correlation integrals and the Wolf algorithm to estimate the Lyanpunov exponent).
In fact, the above-mentioned various types of biased random walks in networks [24-26] can also be transformed into random walks on weighted networks equivalently in similar way.