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BICEPBusiness for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (Boston, MA)
BICEPBackground Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (California Institute of Technology)
BICEPBi-Cultural Elective Programme (Singapore)
BICEPBiophysical Interactions and Controls on Export Production (National Oceanography Centre)
BICEPBattle Space Integrated Concept Emulation Prototype
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To measure your bicep, place the tape measure around the fullest part of your upper arm (typically just underneath your armpit), place your arm by your side and then measure.
Now, other scientists, using data from the European Space Agency's Planck satellite, says Bicep's results may have been contaminated by interstellar dust more than at first thought.
While BICEP researchers insist their signal was imprinted on the universe's oldest light, Knox and other researchers fear that the light came from a more mundane source: interstellar dust in our own galaxy.
You'll get a flavour of her soulful disco and house vibes at the Bicep gig, but a club environment is really where Jayda's magic shines.
The researchers measured blood pressure in both locations on 180 people and found only 43 percent had a wrist reading within 5 mmHg of the standard bicep reading.
They are injuries to the glenoid labium, usually due to a sudden or forceful pull on the biceps through lifting a heavy object, falling or sustaining a trauma, such as a shoulder dislocation.
Leicester confirmed Holmes was set for surgery after "tearing his Bicep Femoris" and would miss the final three Premiership fixtures.
As one of the great new dance duos, following in the footsteps of double acts such as the Chemical Brothers and Underworld, Bicep are on the move, and Glasgow went absolutely crazy for them.
The frightened man began to hit and punch the shark - which locals suspect is a bronze whaler - to get it off his bicep.
Tuberculous distal biceps tendon rupture is a rare condition in orthopedics.
On physical examination, the patient had a scar from the previous surgery, a hollow area in his left anterior shoulder, and a prominent biceps muscle belly (FIGURE).
He drew attention on social media in recent months as a result of his already unusually large biceps, which he claims are the product of self-applied injections of a site enhancement oil called synthol, reports said Saturday.