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BICEPBackground Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (California Institute of Technology)
BICEPBi-Cultural Elective Programme (Singapore)
BICEPBiophysical Interactions and Controls on Export Production (National Oceanography Centre)
BICEPBattle Space Integrated Concept Emulation Prototype
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That polarization can take on a twirling pattern identical to the one BICEP researchers sought in the CMB to support the theory of inflation.
Right, less of the gobbing off from me, let's attack the arms in our final bicep workout.
BancCap's BICEP program securitizes and services loans of participant lenders and allows originators to receive proceeds based on the quality and performance of their loan portfolio.
His defiant "Rosie" with her hair up in a red and white polka-dot bandanna flexes her bicep showing the muscle of the American woman.
The continuous pulling movements by the rowers require the back and bicep muscles to provide enough pushing movements in the weight room to strengthen the antagonist muscles (chest, triceps.
I can lift 145lbs on the bench press and 35-45lbs doing bicep curls.
The North Face is working with BICEP for the passage of meaningful climate change legislation, and supports 350.
McDermott had feared Leuluai could be out for three months if he needed a bicep operation.
Touching down at the Titanic Quarter on Saturday, May 30, AVA will feature a massive performing line-up that includes the allconquering Bicep, global star Ejeca, Optimo, Phil Kieran, the new live AV show from Space Dimension Controller, the local legend that is Timmy Stewart and a shedload more.
There will also be a fantastic showcase by DJ Bicep for emerging electronic artists.
The "Terminator" limb has electrodes connected to Mike's bicep and tricep.
by joining BICEP - Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy - a coalition of consumer brands organized by Boston-based Ceres.