BICGBiomedical Image Computing Group (University of Washington)
BICGBali International Consulting Group (Indonesia)
BICGBusiness Intelligence Consulting Group (various locations)
BICGBioNET-International Consultative Group (various locations)
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For this reason, PHC's total BICG tax liability would have been $18,113,083 had all the assets been sold on the date of the decedent's death.
Along the way, BICG has been honored with the Oracle's Above and Beyond Award for Business Intelligence, the Oracle Excellence Award for the creation of innovative and standards-based technology solutions, and as the Oracle BI/EPM Implementation Partner of the Year.
Speaking at the event, Shinji Tada, Managing Director, BICG, said, "In addition to our technologically-advanced products and the value these equipment add to corporate, SMB and home offices, the success of BICG across the MENA region is also being driven by our distribution partners, whose extensive efforts has translated to expanded reach and multiplied product movement for us in the past years.
In addition, BICG reiterated the importance of maintaining the current level of product movement for mono laser MFCs, and revealed plans to undertake massive e-marketing initiatives across the region.
This effort to acknowledge the accomplishments of our regional partners is part of our strategy to continuously encourage target-driven collaboration with them," said Shinji Tada, managing director, BICG.
The most popular Krylov subspace methods based on Lanczos biorthogonalization are the BiCG and QMR methods; cf.
Amidst the slowdown, Brother Industries Limited (BIL), the global umbrella organisation of BICG, has recorded a 6.
Moreover, in Section 10 we describe a different way of computing the component of the solution that lies in U, and in Section 12 we briefly point out that our framework could in principle also be used to define coordinate space based deflated (bi)orthogonal residual methods that are approximately equivalent to deflated CG and BiCG methods.
j] denotes the jth BICG residual polynomial, which is often referred to as a Lanczos polynomial, scaled such that [[rho].
Similar techniques apply to other iterative Krylov subspace methods, as for instance BiCG and MINRES, but also for GMRES in case of normal matrices.