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BICHATBiological and Chemical Attacks and Threats
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The more he became interested in special questions of disease, such as the nature of fever or fevers, the more keenly he felt the need for that fundamental knowledge of structure which just at the beginning of the century had been illuminated by the brief and glorious career of Bichat, who died when he was only one-and-thirty, but, like another Alexander, left a realm large enough for many heirs.
Ademas tambien se sabe que Moran seguia en sus clases el texto de Bonells & Lacaba (Salas, 1894) y que los alumnos estudiaban en textos importados, ingleses, franceses y traducciones espanolas tales como el Tratado de Anatomia Descriptiva de Bichat (Cardenas, 2017).
Address for correspondence: Arnaud Jannic, Hopital Bichat Claude Bernard, 46 Rue Henri Huchard, 75018 Paris, France; email:
Bichat first described the buccal fat pad as an anatomical element in 1802 and Scammon was the first to describe its anatomy.
Driven by his research on tissues, Bichat would steer medicine farther away from observation and theory in order to stress the need to not necessarily acquire surgical skills, but to have a strong practical grounding in physiological knowledge itself.
In that historic review, he referred to the novel concept of tissue," developed by Bichat and G.
Steg, Department of Cardiology, Hopital Bichat, Paris,France, on behalf of the RealiseAF steering committee.