BICIBroadband Inter Carrier Interface
BICIBertinoro International Center for Informatics (University of Bologna; Italy)
BICIBook Item and Component Identifier (National Information Standards Organization)
BICIBroadband Intercarrier Interface
BICIBelgian International Construction Industry (Belgium)
BICIBook Individual Contribution Identifier
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"The same goals which led the King to set up the panel, pushed Bahrain to implement the BICI recommendations in total transparency, taking into account international standards and practices," he said.
Cherif Bassiouni said the formation of the BICI was a landmark in the history of commissions.
The BICI was established on June 29, 2011 in Bahrain pursuant to Royal Order No.
BICI ITALIA Custom Cycling and Cultural Tours will be showcasing a new, custom handmade bike at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS), February 26-28, at the Sacramento Convention Center.
It was launched by BICI follow-up unit head Dana Al Zayani who urged the public to visit, check out its new features and leave suggestions as well as feedback.
However, our summary below sets out briefly and straightforwardly where work stands on each of the key areas from the BICI recommendations.
BICI, headed by Cherif Bassiouni was established last June, pursuant to a Royal Order, to investigate instances of alleged police brutality and violence by pro-democracy protestors.
It also welcomed the BICI Report which probes February and March events in Bahrain.
The BICI is expecting to meet with over 2,000 people, amongst whom are victims and witnesses of the February/March 2011 unrest and their consequences in the ensuing period until September 30 -- the final date for such interviews.
Mohamet Bici, 27, was shot in the jaw during the July 1999 incident in Pristina,and Skender Bici, 28, says he suffered psychiatric illness as a result of what he witnessed.