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BLOSBeyond Line-Of-Sight (over 600 Miles)
BLOSBlood Oxidative Stress
BLOSBicycle Level of Service (roadway bike friendliness measure)
BLOSBranch If Lower or Same
BLOSBell Laboratories Operating System (AT&T)
BLOSBoss Looking over Shoulder
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Evaluation methods of Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS) have continually seen improvements and refinements.
The series also includes four assignments--a walkability assessment, an existing conditions analysis, a level of service assessment, and bicycle level of service and level of traffic stress analyses--that students may work on individually or as part of a small group.
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A Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS) safety index also was included in this study.
So we name this factor "population aged 18-30." Factor 8 is related to Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS), pavement quality, and the percentage of heavy vehicle traffic (see Table 4).
For example, the bicycle level of service model for on-street bike lanes recommended in HCM [12] contains both bicycle flow rate and vehicle flow rate considering their interactions.
Examples of these indexes include Pedestrian Level of Service (PLOS) (Sarkar 1993, Dixon 1995, Gallin 2001, Chu and Baltes 2001, Balts and Chu 2002), measure of pedestrian environments (Khisty 1994), pedestrian environment factor model (1000 Friends of Oregon 1993), pedestrian potential index and deficiency index (Portland Pedestrian Master Plan, City of Portland 1998), Level of Service (LOS) (Botma 1995), Bicycle Safety Index Rating (BSIR) (Davis 1987), roadway condition index (RCI), Bicyclist Stress Level (Sorton and Walsh 1994), Intersection Hazard Score (IHS) (Landis 1994), Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS) (Landis, et al.
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