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BEMBoundary Element Method
BEMBadan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (Indonesian: Student Executive Board)
BEMBetriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement (German: Integration Management)
BEMBaptism, Eucharist and Ministry
BEMBlack and Ethnic Minority
BEMBlock Element Modifier (computer programming)
BEMBiroul Electoral Municipal (Romania)
BEMBattery Energy Management (car batteries)
BEMBusiness Enterprise Manager
BEMBordeaux Ecole de Management (French: Bordeaux School Management; Bordeaux, France)
BEMBritish Empire Medal
BEMBusiness Event Management (method)
BEMBug Eyed Monster (science fiction writing plot device)
BEMBoard of Engineers Malaysia
BEMBureau d'Etudes Mécaniques (French: Mechanical Engineering Department)
BEMBio-Economic Model
BEMBack End Module
BEMBrand Equity Management
BEMBusiness Excellence Model
BEMBig Emerging Markets
BEMBig Easy Mafia (sports fan club)
BEMBuilding Energy Management
BEMBMC Event Manager (BMC Software)
BEMBureau d'Etude Métallerie (French: Office of Metalwork Study)
BEMBâtiment d'Essais et de Mesures (French: Building Test and Measurement; French Navy)
BEMBasic Emergency Management (Ontario, Canada)
BEMBandungsche Electriciteit Maatschaappij (Indonesian electrical company)
BEMBasis Expansion Model
BEMBandwidth Efficient Modem
BEMBandwidth Efficient Modulation
BEMBusiness Engineering Management
BEMBachelor of Environmental Management
BEMBayesian Expectation-Maximization
BEMBig Eyed Monster (science fiction)
BEMBoolean Expression Manipulator
BEMBachelor of Engineering of Mines
BEMBooger Eating Moron
BEMBusiness Executives' Move for New National Priorities
BEMBusiness Engagement Manager
BEMBureau d'Etudes Maritimes (French shipbuilding company)
BEMBanco do Estado do Maranhão SA (Maranhão State Bank, Brazil)
BEMBuilding Equipment Mechanic (US Postal Service)
BEMBusiness Execution Manager
BEMBlade Element Model
BEMBit Error Monitor
BEMBase Entry Monitor System
BEMBase Energy Manager
BEMBasic Education Manual
BEMBachelor of Mining Engineering
BEMBinary-Element Method
BEMBeaunit Corporation
BEMBureau of Executive Manpower
BEMBeaufort & Morehead Railroad
BEMBureau des Etudiants en Médecine (French: Bureau of Medical Students; Belgium)
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He also observed: "There is a de-leveraging process going on in the big emerging markets, and this is something the frontier markets do not have because they did not have these excessive capital inflows".
Big emerging markets that have raised interest rates outright include Brazil and Indonesia.
One of my jobs is to try to get a more exportbased economy to help firms such as Triton penetrate the big emerging markets of the future.
The more we maintain our industry-specific focus, and the more we develop in the runners-up economies like Mexico, Indonesia and maybe some African countries--while increasing our market penetration in the big emerging markets like Brazil, China and India--the higher the growth will be.
European crisis Western Europe is expected to contract again in 2013, while North America will see tepid growth, and the chief drivers of tech growth will be from big emerging markets like China, the forecast said.
The big ten: The Big emerging markets and how they will change our lives, Basic Books, N.
Within the WTO, the big issue is that the big emerging markets have to accept to open their markets because unless that happens, we will be in another Doha situation.
India and Africa seem to be big emerging markets for the Swedish giant.
Slow-growing advanced economies have kept interest rates at record lows to try to kickstart growth, while big emerging markets have come roaring back so fast that many are worried about overheating.
Jeremy Butler, associate partner within KPMG's High Growth Markets practice in Birmingham, said: "The latest survey findings indicate that the advanced Western European economies are bearing the brunt of the global slowdown, but also that the big emerging markets are not immune to the headwinds.
But now the manufacturers complain that Europe, the US and other rich economies are being asked to whittle down their import tariffs while competitors in big emerging markets, such as Brazil, China and India, will be shielded.