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BYHBang Your Head (German band)
BYHBless Your Heart
BYHBrigham Young High School (Provo, Utah)
BYHBig Yellow House (cooperative house)
BYHBraintree Youth Hockey (Braintree, MA)
BYHBikram Yoga Harlem (Harlem, New York)
References in classic literature ?
Spencer lived in a big yellow house at White Sands Cove, and she came to the door with surprise and welcome mingled on her benevolent face.
The court heard the officer made it clear he would not back off to which O'Halloran allegedly replied: "I will kill ye, you c**t, with your big yellow house and I will burn it to the ground.
He invited me to Sparks House, the big yellow house that I had passed by so often, and I experienced his formal weekly teas with proper china and manners and the most amazing collection of antique furnishings.
BOYLSTON - Near a big yellow house, massive trees and an expansive lawn, 3-foot-4-inch Jason Cote stands with his hands on his knees in the "ready" position.
When my father's cancer came back, they decided to return to Mexico and live out their days in my sister's big yellow house on the slope of Popocatepetl, the great volcano.
The Big Yellow House Restaurant is easily located as the biggest, yellowest building for miles around.
It was high on a hilltop, near a big yellow house that was empty except once or twice a year.
It has great significance in the Valley as the big yellow house.