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BJBlow Job
BJBeijing (China)
BJBubble-Jet (Canon)
BJBon Jovi (band)
BJBeijo (Portuguese: Kiss)
BJBoca Juniors (soccer; Argentina)
BJBilly Joel (singer)
BJBlue Jays (baseball team)
BJBillie Jean (Michal Jackson song)
BJBlue Jeans
BJBaujahr (German: year of construction)
BJBonjour (French: hello)
BJBall Joint (mechanical)
BJBillie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
BJBen and Jerry's
BJBaby Jane
BJBrian Jones (Rolling Stones member)
BJBundesamt für Justiz (Federal Office of Justice, Switzerland)
BJBad Job
BJBig Job
BJBiochemical Journal
BJBobby Jackson (basketball player)
BJBlonde Joke
BJBroad Jump
BJBob Jones University
BJBusiness Justification
BJBefore Jesus
BJBack Judge (football)
BJBachelor of Journalism
BJBrand Jordan
BJBeverly Jean (from BJ's Wholesale Club; retailer named for founder's daughter)
BJBeth Jacob (Synagogue)
BJBrian Jacques (author)
BJB'nai Jeshurun (New York)
BJByron Jackson (Byron Jackson Company)
BJBill Joy (designer of Berkeley UNIX BSD, Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems)
BJBlueberry Juice
BJBierjunge (German: Beer Boy)
BJBulkhead Jack
BJBreakfast Jack (Jack in the Box Sandwich)
BJBunjee Jump
BJBai Jiu (Chinese wine)
BJBomberman Jetters (video game)
BJBantam Jack (test connector)
BJBarrage Jammer
References in classic literature ?
We are very busy people," they grumbled, "and this would be a big job.
They illustrate the nature of the big jobs that the telephone has to offer to an ambitious and gifted young man of to-day.
It's a big job for Jurgen, because there is no one obvious thing.
Paul has got a big job on his hands, which I'm sure he knows.
The big job boards are just too bloated," reports Susan Kane, Director of Sales for SelectLeaders.
what the employees at his company think about when eyeing a big job, they compiled this list:
But for her and others, life without major appliances became too difficult "It gets kind of old to be poor when you have kids," says Pam Read Hanna, one of the book's many vivid characters "I'm just tired of everything being a big job," sighed another escapee, Jim Carlson.
His biographer John Gray states that the qualities which made Paul Martin a successful businessman and a brilliant finance minister are not the qualities of a great prime minister; and that now he gives the impression of a desperate man on a high wire who suddenly realized that in the big job there is no safety net.
In truth, even in those "salad days" publishing one twice-monthly newsletter, sending out renewal notices, and conducting two or three marketing campaigns a year was also a big job to handle on a part-time basis.
It's a big job to decide on the most important domains of learning that all students need to know.
Cummins said this was his ninth big job since the windstorm and he plans to be busy into summer with larger salvage projects.