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BIG5Chinese Character Encoding for Traditional (Complex) Characters; de facto standard in Taiwan but not used in mainland
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However, board meeting, board independence, CEO duality, concentrated ownership, institutional ownership, big5 ownership, audit quality and audit committee have statistically significant have considerable power to reduce the firm downside risk.
We include Big5 as a dummy variable that is equal to one if a firm is audited by a Big 5 firm, and zero otherwise.
WorkSmart for events management, the organiser of the Big5 pavilion for the first time, said more than 20 companies from Bahrain will be a part of it.
Compared to European Big5 or Scandinavia, viewing of PSB in the Baltic countries is more than two times lower (Figure 6).
This is the eight year that Tekla will be exhibiting at Big5, and the company has a strong track record of success at the event.
We include an indicator variable, BIG5, to control for these differences in audit firms.
Disclosure = f (Size, Big5, ZFC, NAFEE, Exchange, Industry, ACMTG, ACIND).
Common encodings include GB, Big5, HanZi, CCCII, EACC (in libraries), and where character forms are not supported, romanized Hanyu-Pinyin.
A good example is the Microsoft Chinese Windows, which has two versions: one for the Big5 encoding, popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the other for the GB encoding, which is widely used in China and Singapore.
t-1] and LOSS interactions with BIG5 and PARK are not significant at .
The visitors to the Big5 will get to experience first hand Portuguese craftsmanship and heritage, it stated.