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BFTBelfast (Amtrak station code; Belfast, ME)
BFTBeaufort (International wind scale used in weather reporting)
BFTBatch File Transmission
BFTBroadcast File Transfer
BFTBlue Force Tracking
BFTBuilt Ford Tough
BFTBacteroides Fragilis Toxin
BFTBlue Force Tracker
BFTBinary File Transfer
BFTBen Franklin Transit
BFTBlue Fin Tuna
BFTBank for Foreign Trade (various locations)
BFTBerkeley Federation of Teachers (trade union; Berkeley, CA)
BFTBlunt Force Trauma
BFTByzantine Fault Tolerance
BFTBidding for Travel (online forum)
BFTBentonite Flocculation Test (rheumatoid arthritis)
BFTBuilt for Towing (Dodge Concept Truck)
BFTBattle Fitness Test
BFTBasic Fitness Test (British Armed Forces; UK)
BFTNorthern Bluefin Tuna (FAO fish species code)
BFTBasic Flying Training
BFTBachelor of Foreign Trade
BFTBattle Force Tank (computer game)
BFTBois et Forêts des Tropiques (French science publication)
BFTBareFoot Teens
BFTBarefoot Truth (band)
BFTBapela Family Trust (Lodge)
BFTBowling for Tiffany (sketch comedy troupe)
BFTBleachable Fancy Tallow
BFTBrevard Federation of Teachers
BFTBlack Feminist Thought
BFTBlack Family Tree
BFTBusiness Fundamental Table
BFTBig Fat Target
BFTBout Freakin' Time (polite form)
BFTBattle Focused Trainer
BFTBig Fat Tummy
BFTBasic Fighter Transition
BFTBeamforming Technique
BFTBox Free Thinking (Austin, TX)
BFTBig Freaking Truck
BFTBachelor of Food Technology
BFTBoard Function Test (computer networking)
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Bigfoot is here and I shot it and now I'm proving it to the world.
These four-legged and feathered allies unite when Wallace Eastman, CEO of profit-hungry corporation HairCo, attempts to capture Bigfoot in order to clone his DNA and engineer a cure for baldness.
The landscape that might be home to Bigfoot is described well, with lines like "The moss hanging from the cypress trees appeared like giant webs.
Bigfoot is committed to solving the hard problems inherent in blending consumer technology, enterprise systems and Class III medical devices in an effort to design an easy-to-use system for people with diabetes," said Jeffrey Brewer, Bigfoot Biomedical president and chief executive officer.
Tom himself also said he had a first-hand experience with what he believed was Bigfoot when he came close to a massive creature.
Monteith takes her Bigfoot work seriously, but she says hiking through the woods, hunting for tracks and other signs of the creature is just plain fun, too--the culmination of a lifetime of interest in the legendary creature.
Nowhere near here, of course, but an area of interest, nonetheless, what with more than a hundred years of Bigfoot tales tied to the region - enough to inspire Beelart, with co-author Cliff Olson, to write "The Oregon Bigfoot Highway: Over a Century of Bigfoot Tales along Oregon Scenic Byway No.
In May, two hunters in Bethel, Alaska, told a local newspaper how they spotted a Bigfoot sitting beside a lake with its legs stretched out.
During the Sasquatch Genome Project's announcement, the scientists published Bigfoot footage from a similar team, the Erickson Project, which said it had "definitive video and DNA evidence from the elusive sasquatch".
I risk, I know, a cluster of UFO fanatics firing off angry letters, telling me the pyramids are clearly hangers for flying saucers, that biblical angels have alien-like qualities and Bigfoot does not have any cave drawings to his name, but I believe his lore has persevered because there`s a human-like quality to the woods-lurking beast that space invaders simply do not have.
ACMMS research had already begun before he arrived and Bigfoot was a prime candidate.
Raised in South Dakota, an alleged hotbed for Bigfoot activity, Holland grew up with the tale of a mysterious creature at large.