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BFTABritish Fur Trade Association
BFTABritish Field Target Association (UK)
BFTABritish Focusing Teachers Association (UK)
BFTABattle for the Arts (Sioux Falls, SD)
BFTABahrain Free Trade Agreement
BFTABulk Fuel Tank Assembly(s)
BFTABilateral Free Trade Agreement
BFTABlack Forest Trails Association
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in addition to the multilateral, Macedonia has also signed two bilateral Free trade Agreements with the following countries:
The two leaders will also attend a signing ceremony for a bilateral free trade agreement that was completed in August.
Swedish Trade Minister Ewa Bjorling suggested to an audience at Johns Hopkins University that the United States and European Union consider negotiating a bilateral free trade agreement, given the slow pace of trade liberalizing talks under the World Trade Organization's Doha Round.
Until now the two countries have no bilateral free trade agreement , therefore, the import tariff agreement is to be implemented through ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
The US and Panama wrapped up negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement after almost a year's stalemate, reports Washington Trade Daily (Dec.
and Peru agreed to enter into a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
Koizumi, who flew from the Brazilian capital Brasilia, is scheduled to hold talks with Mexican President Vicente Fox and sign a bilateral free trade agreement Friday.
These include a bilateral Free Trade Agreement and a state-of-the- art "Open Skies" civil aviation agreement.
Australia has also agreed to undertake a joint scoping study with the Government of Thailand on ways to maximise the potential economic and trade benefits of a bilateral free trade agreement.
LA PAZ -- The government has named a team to travel to Washington to try to negotiate a bilateral free trade agreement with the United States.
The two states' bilateral free trade agreement signed in Jan.
A successful bilateral free trade agreement between the United States and Malaysia will eliminate most of the remaining barriers to trade, paving the way for increased U.
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