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BNSBurns (Amtrak station code; Burns, OR)
BNSBank of Nova Scotia
BNSBinary Neutron Star (astronomy)
BNSBroadcast Network Systems
BNSBasic Network Services
BNSBackbone Node Subsystems
BNSBroadcast Network Server
BNSBusiness Network Solutions
BNSBanque Nationale Suisse (French: Swiss National Bank)
BNSBeef Noodle Soup
BNSBusiness Network Solutions (various locations)
BNSBaltic News Service
BNSBlitz-Nick-Salaam (seizures)
BNSBluenose (fish species)
BNSBoy's National School (Ireland)
BNSBilled Number Screening
BNSBusiness Network Systems
BNSBirmingham New Street (UK rail station)
BNSBusiness Network Switzerland (foreign trade publication)
BNSBackbone Network Service
BNSBachelor of Nursing Science
BNSBreakneck Speed (Rock Band; gaming)
BNSBinary Number System
BNSBroadband Network Service
BNSBeni Suef (Egyptian automobile license plate)
BNSBarinas, Venezuela - Barinas (Airport Code)
BNSBrevet National de Secouriste (French: National First Aid Certificate)
BNSBischof Neumann Schule
BNSBilateral Nerve-Sparing
BNSBureau de Normalisation de la Siderurgie (France)
BNSBachelor of Naval Science
BNSBeaver and Steve (web comic)
BNSBefriending Network Scotland
BNSBallet Nautique de Strasbourg (French: Water Ballet of Strasbourg; Strasbourg, France)
BNSBrand New Stars (band)
BNSBomb Navigation System
BNSBond van Nederlandse Stedebouwkundigen (Dutch: Dutch Association of Urban Designers)
BNSBacon Numerical System
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Bilateral nerve-sparing surgery helped younger men significantly more than older men.
Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of postoperative nightly sildenafil citrate for the prevention of erectile dysfunction after bilateral nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy.
Effects of tadalafil treatment on erectile function recovery following bilateral nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy: A randomised placebo-controlled study (REACTT).
Bilateral nerve-sparing surgery should be offered to all men with normal erectile function and organ-confined prostate cancer.
2] These authors reported potency rates of 86% after bilateral nerve-sparing prostatectomy.
12] Even with bilateral nerve-sparing surgery, neuropraxia can lead to delayed recovery of erectile function.
Patients were compared between bilateral nerve-sparing, unilateral nerve-sparing and non-nerve-sparing groups.
Of the 257 remaining patients in our sample, 159 (63%) had bilateral nerve-sparing surgery, 32 (13%) had unilateral nerve-sparing, and 62 (25%) had non-nerve-sparing surgery.
6] Sievert and colleagues report that bilateral nerve-sparing prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer provides the possibility of preserving approximately 55% of periprostatic nerve fibres focused on the posterolateral location and 80% to 90% at the apex.
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