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BJBlow Job
BJBeijing (China)
BJBubble-Jet (Canon)
BJBon Jovi (band)
BJBeijo (Portuguese: Kiss)
BJBoca Juniors (soccer; Argentina)
BJBilly Joel (singer)
BJBlue Jays (baseball team)
BJBillie Jean (Michal Jackson song)
BJBlue Jeans
BJBaujahr (German: year of construction)
BJBonjour (French: hello)
BJBall Joint (mechanical)
BJBillie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
BJBen and Jerry's
BJBaby Jane
BJBrian Jones (Rolling Stones member)
BJBundesamt für Justiz (Federal Office of Justice, Switzerland)
BJBad Job
BJBig Job
BJBiochemical Journal
BJBobby Jackson (basketball player)
BJBlonde Joke
BJBroad Jump
BJBob Jones University
BJBusiness Justification
BJBefore Jesus
BJBack Judge (football)
BJBachelor of Journalism
BJBrand Jordan
BJBeverly Jean (from BJ's Wholesale Club; retailer named for founder's daughter)
BJBeth Jacob (Synagogue)
BJBrian Jacques (author)
BJB'nai Jeshurun (New York)
BJByron Jackson (Byron Jackson Company)
BJBill Joy (designer of Berkeley UNIX BSD, Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems)
BJBlueberry Juice
BJBierjunge (German: Beer Boy)
BJBulkhead Jack
BJBreakfast Jack (Jack in the Box Sandwich)
BJBunjee Jump
BJBai Jiu (Chinese wine)
BJBomberman Jetters (video game)
BJBantam Jack (test connector)
BJBarrage Jammer
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Searching on Dean White, a philanthropist local to my hometown, brought up understandably different results from Bill Joy.
In a now famous Wired magazine article that discussed the dangers represented by several technologies, Bill Joy indicated that computers would continue to grow in power.
In 2000, Bill Joy, the chief scientist for Sun Microsystems, published his now-famous anti-technology manifesto entitled "Why The Future Doesn't Need Us" in Wired magazine.
On the other hand, techno-pessimists such as Sun Microsystems founder Bill Joy, political historian Francis Fukuyama, and Britain's Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees see these same developments leading the world straight to Hell.
Bill Joy is among the most distinguished software engineers in the United States and is one of the founders of Sun Microsystems.
Bill Joy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, worries that powerful robots could cause "whole new classes of accidents and abuses.
If government wished, for example, to put strong limits on nano-research (as has been recommended by Bill Joy, former chief scientist at Sun Microsystems (12)), where would it begin?
Bill Joy, the driving force behind the Berkeley Systems Design variant of Unix that spun out of the Bay area campus of the University of California with that same name, was also the driving force behind the initial Solaris operating systems.
5) Highly prominent cultural commentators like bioethicist Leon Kass, (6) political scientist Francis Fukuyama, (7) environmentalist Bill McKibben, (8) and even Sun Microsystems cofounder Bill Joy have begun calling for caution, or even preemptive prohibition of human "germ-line" genetic engineering (transhumanists label such attitudes "bio-conservatism").
But contributors also include inventor and technologist Ray Kurzwell, former Sun chief scientist Bill Joy, and a couple of economists.
Bill Joy, chairman of Hinckley and District Economic Partnership, said he was disgusted at the closure.
Sun lost its legendary chief scientist and co-founder, Bill Joy.