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(Note: A new behind-the-scenes video, including Bill Nye the Science Guy and the hosts of the show "Mythbusters," Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, is posted online.)
I left the store feeling a bit like Bill Nye the Science Guy. I took a deep breath and headed for my gate.
Even Bill Nye the Science Guy strolls onto the Wall-E set with his commentary and explanations on space travel, robotics, and more to get young minds thinking, giving new meaning to the phrase "educational movie."
We also watched educational shows on television together such as "Bill Nye the Science Guy," "Kratts' Creatures" (a show about animals), and other educational shows on the Discovery Channel.
Sidney Hayward Nicholas Jones Lana Michelle Newell Kelly Fox Joanna Norton Matlock" meets "Bill Nye the Science Guy" in "The Eleventh Hour," a nifty if not particularly inspired mystery that casts Patrick Stewart as a crusading scientist, investigating microbial perils on behalf of Queen and country.
At 2:05, it's back to Classroom 110 for a video dose of Bill Nye the Science Guy. While most kids are watching an episode on "The Epidermis," Salazar is back to her routine, helping some students with spelling book problems and others with paper-folding for tonight's assignment, in which they'll illustrate eight new spelling words.
Disney's dipping into the archives of Bill Nye the Science Guy and releasing 20 of the best episodes on classroom edition DVDs.
According to Children Now, networks have been ratcheting back the hours once devoted to cartoons and programs such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, replacing them with more profitable adult fare.
The exhibits page includes access to photo collections as well as an interactive Online Info Safari with Bill Nye the Science Guy, in which students can follow the steps to information searching.
A Miami-Dade Community College spokeswoman said Cummings claims to have produced, written and directed credits for several shows, including "Bill Nye The Science Guy" and "Entertainment Tonight," on his resume.
Educational activities at Earth Day included a visit from PBS' Bill Nye the Science Guy, who on the main stage demonstrated the value of shade trees.
Bill Nye the Science Guy loves General Motors' EV1.