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BORBoard of Representatives (various organizations)
BORBoard Of Regents
BORBureau Of Reclamation
BORBoard of Realtors (various locations)
BORBill of Rights
BORBeginning of Recording (data storage)
BORBoard Of Review
BORBiology Of Reproduction (journal)
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BORBed Occupancy Rate (hospitals)
BORBiserica Ortodoxa Romana (Romanian: Romanian Orthodox Church)
BORBeats of Rage (video game)
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BORBrown-Out Reset (microcontrollers, PIC)
BORBusiness Object Repository (SAP tehnical infrastructure)
BORBroker Of Record
BORBid on Repairs (construction)
BORBasic Output Report
BORBodies Of Revolution
BORBunkers on Redelivery (shipping)
BORBill of Resources
BORBasis of Review
BORBritish Other Rank (military rank; UK)
BORBudget OPTAR (Operating/Operational Target) Report
BORBMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) Oracle Racing (sailing competition)
BORBase of Riser (fire sprinklers)
BORBreak of Reality (band)
BORBattery Operations Room (Australia)
BORBlessing of Replenishment (gaming)
BORBiuro Ochrony Rzadu (Polish Secret Service)
BORBlood of Ro
BORBack of Room Sales
BORBack Order Reconciliation
BORBandwidth on Request
BORBattalion Orderly Room (Canadian Armed Forces)
BORBreach of Rule (legal)
BORBase of the Ramp (USAF Academy)
BORBurnout Risk
BORBan on Religion (newsgroup usage)
BORBusiness Operations Review
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David Parker says: Parliament occasionally passes laws inconsistent with the Bill Of Rights Act.
The secretariat's recommendation to amend the free speech provision in the Bill of Rights emerged after a House subcommittee carried the proposal and cited the recommendation of the PHRC secretariat last October.
The Bill of Rights is the core of any Constitution.
The basis of the amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights was formed from George Mason's Virginia Declaration of Rights.
Regardless, the LGBTQ Health Care Bill of Rights is just one example of New York City's commitment to ensuring health equality for LGBTQ New Yorkers.
The justice secretary did not specify whether the suspension of certain rights would be permanent or temporary under the proposed British Bill of Rights.
In 1947 Saskatchewan was the first province to enact a broader Bill of Rights Act [SS 1947, c.
With the implementation of the Air Passenger Bill of Rights, passengers in the air sector will be assured of protection against perceived unfair policies and practices of airline companies," Abaya said.
According to the document released by the White House, the seven aspects of the Privacy Bill of Rights are:
He told a fringe meeting that had the Tories been "elected with a majority government, I have very little doubt that the Prime Minister would have been telling us to produce a Bill of Rights draft and put it out to public consultation.
The Bill of Rights is part of that shared vision of society.
CASA de Maryland, a statewide immigrant advocacy organization, announced in July that the county adopted a Household Workers' Bill of Rights to protect the rights of domestic workers, who are so often exploited behind closed doors.