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BOBody Odor
BOBox Office
BOBologna (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
BOBulletin Officiel (French)
BOBig O (anime)
BOBest Offer
BOBusiness Object
BOBochum (Germany)
BOBusiness Office
BOBack Office
BOBusiness Opportunity
BOBoletín Oficial (Spanish: Official Gazette; Argentina)
BOBarack Obama (44th US president)
BOBinary Option (trading)
BOBlue October (band)
BOBiarritz Olympique (French rugby team)
BOBattery Operated
BOBanco de Occidente (Spanish: Western Bank; Honduras)
BOBranch Office
BOBreak Off
BOBattle Orders (Diablo 2 game)
BOBack Order
BOBiological Opinion
BOBack Orifice (trojan horse utility)
BOBiodiversity Offsetting (conservation)
BOBlack Organization (Detective Conan)
BOBilling Official (US DoD)
BOBuzz Off
BOBoom Operator (USAF in-flight refueling)
BOBlood Omen (game)
BOBody Odour (gaming group)
BOBarrel of Oil (oil and gas exploration)
BOBowled Over
BOBuild Order
BOBloc Opératoire (French: Operating Room)
BOBlocked Out
BOBronchiolitis Obliterans
BOBad Order
BOBus Operator
BOBreakout Box
BOBang and Olufsen
BOBridge Officer (gaming)
BOBinary Output
BOBoletim de Ocorrência (Accident Report; Brazil)
BOBucked Off (rodeo)
BOBoarding Officer
BOBilans Otwarcia (opening balance)
BOBuyer's Option
BOBenefits Office
BOBlack Ore (Lineage 2 game)
BOBase Order
BOBusy Out
BOBrain Overload
BOBottom Opened (can collectors)
BOBeneficial Occupancy
BOBudget Obligations
BOBudget Outlay
BOBinary to Octal
BOBorn Organized
BOBattle Operations
BOBonus Objective (gaming)
BOBruto Oppervlakte (Dutch: Gross Area)
BOBlocking Oscillator
BOBench Order
BOBase-Out Prism
BOBloody Orchid (Lineage 2 game)
BOBranch on Overflow (IBM)
BOBowel Opening (anatomy)
BOBarring Order
BOBorrow Output (electrical circuits)
BOBooster Orbiter
BOBit Oxide
BOBeat Oscillator
BOBachelor of Oratory
BOBranch on Ones (IBM)
BOBuffer Overflow/Overrun
BOBearing Observed
BOBom Pra Otário (Brazil)
BOBourget-Opéra (French)
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Apply the trained network to predicting the binary output of the given test data;
In a typical biometric cryptosystem, an entropy requirement L is usually imposed on the binary output of the discretization scheme.
These waves are interpolated to 1/500 to obtain a 32-bit parallel binary output with 0.
Their watermarking method is based on an extraction function in which a binary output is generated by using each input pixel value as an index to a fixed binary random sequence R.
Delivery of a lighting management with eib / knx (make leybold), Lamp socket, Incandescent lamps, Dimming actuator, Binary output quadruple, Eib binary input c / 24, Eib blind actuator, Blind model, Eib / knx weather station with gps, Profile frame t150 (two lines), Software: Ets5 lite with dongle, Safety experiment cable, Safety connector, Eib / knx basic system starter, Safety cable, Lit: Eib / knx project work, Switching / dimming actuator, Weekly timer, 4-button display eib, Actuator, Data rail, Dimmable compact fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast, Eib button.
While a Binary Output object (BO) can be used for simple on/off lighting outputs, there are common lighting applications that require additional features that do not map so obviously onto the BO object's standard properties.
Technisys has introduced the Technisys BERT Module, PN 701125, a device designed to provide unframed, high speed, serial binary output ranging from T1 to STM-1 rates.
The MGate 5109 can also auto detect the points index for each binary input, binary output, counter, analog input, and analog output.
Technisys has introduced its 7011821Bit Error Tester, a stand-alone device designed to provide unframed, high speed, serial binary output ranging from T1 to STM-1 rates.
Building automation BACnet DDC automation system,3 piece ISP for HVAC and exhaust extraction systems,1 piece ISP for Heizungsanlagen- hot water systems, general messages,circa 330 pieces field devices,1 piece of management and operating device (MBE)4 piece Modular automation station,270 pieces Binary Output Switching / locations92 piece Analog dispensaries,1091 piece Binary input Report,14 piece Binary input counting,approximately 36,000 meters of cabling,approximately 5,000 meters of carrier systems,Estimated run time Start: 11/2015,Statements 2/2017.