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BPGMBinary Program
BPGMBisphosphoglyceromutase Deficiency
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To address these limitations, in this paper, we present OFFDTAN, an approach of offline dynamic taint analysis for binary program, implement it on top of QEMU [3] to support fine-grained real-time monitoring for target program, and evaluate it in six realistic applications.
This paper proposes OFFDTAN, an approach of offline dynamic taint analysis for binary program. We employ KVM acceleration on QEMU to implement OFFDTAN, because it is isolated from the operating system of the host.
For the next step, we will begin to explore the migration of large-scale commercial MPI binary programs and new ways for the improvement of migration efficiency.
The goal of detecting subroutine entry points is to determine if a given point in a binary program is the start of a subroutine based on the features present at that program point.
Song, "Loop-extended symbolic execution on binary programs," in Proc.
The major difference between the binary program and the conventional can be shown from Fig.
The Alpha AXP Migration Tools team considered running old VAX binary programs on Alpha AXP computers using a simple software interpreter, but rejected this method because the performance would be too slow to be useful.
The binary program is also full of diplomatic glitches.
If you successfully observe an eclipse, please send your complete data set (all magnitude estimates and their times) to Marvin Baldwin, chair of the Eclipsing Binary Program of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), as described at www.aavso.org/ observing/ programs/eclipser.
Further, if any nation authorizes the binary program and establishes the necessary institutional infrastructure, as described below, then to the extent that private companies resort to binary financing to meet their capital requirements, Say's Law indicates that the economy will experience more real growth than it would have experienced if capital acquisition were to proceed without such changes.
To collect, analyze, and publish timings, the American Association of Variable Star Observers has an active Eclipsing Binary Program. In 1993 it issued graphs summarizing 3,517 timings of 50 such stars.